Running Injuries: A “Muscle Imbalance” Commonly Suffered By Runners Causing Injury

Something “technical” for runners this week…

So, since the summer has begun, I have been receiving several complaints of an injury which I keep on seeing a lot of, an injury that is commonly suffered by runners – especially ones doing a little too much too quick

See, one of the problems that most runners suffer with, if they’re not aware that is, is something called a “muscle imbalance”.

Let me explain:

Basically, too many runners train the same way, on the same paths, for too many nights consecutively and when they do – they get injured!

And this weeks article comes from a “real life” story from a client who I got chance to help in my PT clinic recently – let's call her Malia, aged 42 from St. Pete who came to me suffering with unexplained knee pain.

Now, once Malia had told me all about her knee pain, I then set about asking her to explain more about her routine.

And, once we got into her...

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3 Things You Could Be Doing That Make Knee Pain Worse


Have you ever experienced knee pain?

The kind that slows you down in lifebothers when you walk up and down the stairs, hurts every time you bend down, aches when you sit, and just generally leaves you feeling frustrated wondering when it’s finally going to wear off…

If that sounds like you, you’re not alone.

 Painful knees are one of the most common things we see people living with at Renewal Rehab. And a lot of people get frustrated because they don’t understand WHY it’s happening to them.

Some people think knee pain is just a part of ‘getting old’, because a friend or close family member told them it happens to everyone.

Some people think knee pain is one of those things that comes and goes, hoping it’ll magically disappear one day when they wake up… (but it ends up staying longer, and sometimes gets worse).

The sudden onset of knee pain can be confusing....

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