Low Back Pain on the Rise...

The prevalence of low back pain (LBP) is REALLY high!


In fact, it’s the second most common cause of disability among adults in the United States (US) and a very common reason for lost days at work.


The total cost of back pain in the US, including treatment and lost productivity, ranges between $100 billion to $200 billion a year!


So, is low back pain on the rise, staying the same, or lessening?


Let’s take a look...


In the past two decades, the use of health care services for chronic LBP (that means LBP > 3 months) has substantially increased. When reviewing studies reporting insurance claims information, researchers note a significant increase in the use of spinal injections, surgery, and narcotic prescriptions.


There has also been an increase in physical therapy services, increased use of spinal manipulation by chiropractors and primary care physician driven non-narcotic prescriptions.


In general, LBP...

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3 Things You Could Be Doing That Make Knee Pain Worse


Have you ever experienced knee pain?

The kind that slows you down in lifebothers when you walk up and down the stairs, hurts every time you bend down, aches when you sit, and just generally leaves you feeling frustrated wondering when it’s finally going to wear off…

If that sounds like you, you’re not alone.

 Painful knees are one of the most common things we see people living with at Renewal Rehab. And a lot of people get frustrated because they don’t understand WHY it’s happening to them.

Some people think knee pain is just a part of ‘getting old’, because a friend or close family member told them it happens to everyone.

Some people think knee pain is one of those things that comes and goes, hoping it’ll magically disappear one day when they wake up… (but it ends up staying longer, and sometimes gets worse).

The sudden onset of knee pain can be confusing....

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How To End Back Pain + Stiffness

Have you been struggling with back pain and stiffness?

Are you sick and tired of being told to just rest and take pain-killers?

Are you frustrated with being tossed around from provider with no explanation of what is actually going on?


If you answered yes to any of these questions you are NOT alone.

Continue reading below if you'd like to learn the statistics of those who are searching for help and given NO answers...

Or you can just watch the video I created for you below.

[This Short Video I Made Just For You Explains How You Can Begin To Say Goodbye to Your Back Pain Today]


Unfortunately, for most people struggling with back pain this is a common occurrence. 

Did you know that only 7% of people who are suffering with lower back pain actually get referred out to physical therapy?

That means that out of 100 people, only 7 of them are getting the answers and the help they are looking for...

The rest are sent home frustrated, scared and uncertain of...

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[Breaking News] The (New) #1 Cause of Neck Pain!

health neck neck pain pain May 31, 2019

[Breaking News] The (New) #1 Cause of Neck Pain!

What does scrolling your Facebook and Netflix + Chill have in common?

Any guesses?

They both have the potential to cause you nagging neck pain that just won’t go away! :-(

If you have a surprised look on your face right now, then this article is for you....

If you already knew this, then this article is still for you, because everyone needs a reminder sometimes....including myself :-)

So let's talk about Instagram...

Every time you look down at your phone to check how many likes your Throwback Thursday post received, you’re putting yourself at risk for developing neck pain.

This concept holds true when you’re looking down at your laptop to stream shows, or getting work done.

Binge watching Game of Thrones for 8 hours straight sounded like an great idea, until you wake up the next morning in pain :-(

Where does that pain come from you may ask? 

It comes from the weight of your head....

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2 Simple Ways to Boost Mood and Eliminate Stress

Here Are 2 Simple Ways to Boost Mood and Eliminate Stress

I have found in my own life that “whys” are far more powerful that “whats”. 

Most of us know the “whats” on some fundamental level.  Whether it be diet, exercise, or any other thing we know we should be doing. 

“It's not knowing what to do, it's doing what you know.” – Tony Robbins

Most of us know on some basic level that stress is bad for us and in some way we all know “what” we should do to help reduce it.

What I want to share with you in this article are 2 very simple things that will have a dramatic impact on reducing our stress. 

But even more important I want to share with you are a few short reasons as to “Why” these things are important, “Why” they work, and “Why” they will have a profound impact in your life if you will do them.

1.  Exercise

I know, I know there are millions of articles and...

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5 Daily Habits That Reduce Stiffness

I wanted to answer a common question I get asked about being stiff which we get asked regularly by clients at the Renewal Rehab:

“Do you have any advice for someone like me who isn’t in a lot of pain? I’m just incredibly stiff when I wake up on a morning, and I feel it throughout the day which means I can’t do things as easily as I’d like. Any advice?”

I’ve go plenty of tips and advice to help reduce stiffness.

But first I want to clear up ‘why’ we feel stiff in the first place.

A lot of people we see think that stiffness is something we feel as we get older – and while there’s some truth in that, stiffness isn’t always directly related to how old you are.

Yes, as you get older your joints and muscles might get stiff if you don’t exercise regularly. And it’s true that your joints become less flexible as the lubricating fluid inside them decreases, and the cartilage becomes thinner as you age…...

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