Low Back Pain on the Rise...

The prevalence of low back pain (LBP) is REALLY high!


In fact, it’s the second most common cause of disability among adults in the United States (US) and a very common reason for lost days at work.


The total cost of back pain in the US, including treatment and lost productivity, ranges between $100 billion to $200 billion a year!


So, is low back pain on the rise, staying the same, or lessening?


Let’s take a look...


In the past two decades, the use of health care services for chronic LBP (that means LBP > 3 months) has substantially increased. When reviewing studies reporting insurance claims information, researchers note a significant increase in the use of spinal injections, surgery, and narcotic prescriptions.


There has also been an increase in physical therapy services, increased use of spinal manipulation by chiropractors and primary care physician driven non-narcotic prescriptions.


In general, LBP...

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