[Breaking News] The (New) #1 Cause of Neck Pain!

health neck neck pain pain May 31, 2019

[Breaking News] The (New) #1 Cause of Neck Pain!

What does scrolling your Facebook and Netflix + Chill have in common?

Any guesses?

They both have the potential to cause you nagging neck pain that just won’t go away! :-(

If you have a surprised look on your face right now, then this article is for you....

If you already knew this, then this article is still for you, because everyone needs a reminder sometimes....including myself :-)

So let's talk about Instagram...

Every time you look down at your phone to check how many likes your Throwback Thursday post received, you’re putting yourself at risk for developing neck pain.

This concept holds true when you’re looking down at your laptop to stream shows, or getting work done.

Binge watching Game of Thrones for 8 hours straight sounded like an great idea, until you wake up the next morning in pain :-(

Where does that pain come from you may ask? 

It comes from the weight of your head....

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