Running Injuries: A “Muscle Imbalance” Commonly Suffered By Runners Causing Injury

Something “technical” for runners this week…

So, since the summer has begun, I have been receiving several complaints of an injury which I keep on seeing a lot of, an injury that is commonly suffered by runners – especially ones doing a little too much too quick

See, one of the problems that most runners suffer with, if they’re not aware that is, is something called a “muscle imbalance”.

Let me explain:

Basically, too many runners train the same way, on the same paths, for too many nights consecutively and when they do – they get injured!

And this weeks article comes from a “real life” story from a client who I got chance to help in my PT clinic recently – let's call her Malia, aged 42 from St. Pete who came to me suffering with unexplained knee pain.

Now, once Malia had told me all about her knee pain, I then set about asking her to explain more about her routine.

And, once we got into her...

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