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"I am a runner - it's who I am and what I do. I injured my hip almost 3 years ago at the Space Coast Marathon. I couldn't run for a year and was bouncing from physical therapist to physical therapist and was not getting better. I was so frustrated! Telling a runner to stop running is just not an option. Finally, I landed at Renewal and am so grateful I did! From the first meeting with Greg, he actually listened to me and why I was so beyond frustrated. He basically said, "I hear you and we got you." And they really did. They finally figured out my issue (weak muscles and hip alignment) and got me on a rehab plan that I could work with (because again, just "stop running" is so hard and not realistic for me). Even when I had set backs, they always listened to me and figured out what was going on. The whole crew - Mike, Joses, Carly and Javier are all amazing. I am finally back running and so grateful to be me again :)"

Former Patient

"As an athlete, I needed a group of people who could help me get back to doing what I love. I have been to several different physical therapist and none of them gave me any hope. I was devastated, but Renewal believed in me, pushed me and helped me see what I could do again. I am truly blessed to have worked with such an amazing and friendly staff. They care and go above and beyond any physical therapist I have been to. If you want someone who is going to change your life, this is the right place. Thank you for the hard work you help me put in!"

Former Patient

"When I started at Renewal Rehabilitation in mid-March of this year, I was mentally, emotionally, and physically broken. I’d just re-injured my left knee again (after three ACL and lateral meniscus tears) and was going through the process of possibly receiving knee surgery number four. I could barely walk on day one of PT and the pain/swelling was an 8 out of 10. But, little did I know, the staff was going to do everything in their power to rebuild the strength and stability in my knees with the hope of avoiding surgery all together (and it worked!). Not only did I not need another knee surgery, but Mike and his staff made it their top priority to rebuild my knees after an entire decade of failed surgeries. It’s been just under three months since I’ve started with Renewal and I’m doing things that I honestly never thought I’d be able to do again (running with resistance, squatting with no pain and weights, etc.). My strength and agility is increasing daily and for the first time since I was 15 (yes, this has been a 12 year journey) my lower body is actually starting to feel strong enough to be fully active again. In all honesty, I never thought I’d ever be able to run again. I would have discussions with my family expressing how I’d never be able to run and play with my unborn children (whenever that day comes). Now running isn’t just a thought, but an actual possibility. I’m so grateful for Renewal and their AMAZING staff (phenomenal customer service, too). If it wasn’t for this facility, there is no way I’d be at the level I am now. Thank you bunches!"

Former Patient

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